Oct 7, 2015
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Why Use Rich For Your Next Project?

Still searching for the right voice for your project? Do you have a project that needs to be completed quickly and precisely?

With a soulful, yet warm and friendly sound, Rich brings a professional quality to projects that is unequaled. His unique voice adds a smooth rhythm to each voice over. Rich has a rich, deep resonant voice that is often compared to that of James Earl Jones with a delivery comparable to the great Morgan Freeman, two of the top voices in the business.

What separates Rich's voice overs from other voice over artists out there is simply his commitment to every element of his service being perfected to make your life easier and to get you the best professional voice over possible. Rich is all about simplifying the voice over process so there are no obstacles in the way of the help you need, you can fill out the order form, and you’ll get the voice over you need, on budget and on time. Professional voice overs don't need to be a budget breaker . . . . . . and it’s with a professional voice over talent that you can trust time and time again.